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Able Cable, Inc. (dba/ACI Communications since 1994) was founded in 1984 by former AT&T executives to provide technical expertise to an emerging market of private and public corporations and institutions that assumed responsibility for their telecommunications equipment when the Bell Operating Companies were created by AT&T’s 1984 divestiture of Pacific Bell. 

This created an opportunity for ACI to compete against the Regional Bell Operating Companies for the installation and maintenance of corporate voice and data networks that previously were the exclusive domain of Pacific Bell.

ACI Communications first customers were in the defense, aerospace, aviation, satellite, and entertainment industries.  While the names of these corporations have changed over the years, the facilities remain and ACI continues to support the majority of these sites.

Today, ACI Communications also supports the network infrastructure needs of energy, biotech, technology, communication, and insurance corporations as well as colleges and universities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.